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The Fire

Cats are drawn to the fire
And with dogs the same is so
People are drawn to the fire
Why at least most folks I know

Well me and the cat and the dog all sat
In a bundle near the fireplace
My eyes grew dry and by and by
I could feel the nose on my face

Well the dog who'd come in and sat down with a oomph
He was basking like a bather in the sun
He was all rolled over with his belly sticking out
And a lazy roll to his tongue

And the cat who first sat with a camel-backed-back
And a look like someone had shook her high wire
Was safe on the rug so spaced-out and smug
With her tail waving at the fire

I was raised in a house with central heating
Was always warm but I never knew why
In the basement was a big box with a door under lock
And two clocks you could not tell time by

So if you're fidgety and stuff and you don't sleep enough
And the cats don't get on with the dogs
Just get some bricks and an axe and some sticks and a match 
And set fire to a couple of logs

© 2018 by Bob Warren

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