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Again and Again

High in the branches
Sunlight in fragments
Lights up the face that I love

Among the flowers
Lovers are walking
What is it they're thinking of?

Sails in the harbour
Waves in the water
Tipping their caps as they pass

Dogs off their leashes
Running in circles
Sniffing for clues in the grass

We won't look the same
We'll have different names
Still we know we've both been here before

Up from the deep
Shedding our sleep
Our heartbeats answer the call

Emerge into light
Regaining our sight
Recalling the feel of it all

And when the spring is sprung
And we're no longer young
Our time here, nearing an end

I will be sure that
We've done this before and we'll do it
Again and again

© 2018 by Bob Warren

The Album - My Town

From the album My Town