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You Taught Me Something New Today (2014)
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Bob Warren & Joy MacKenzie's CD, "You Taught Me Something New Today", puts the spotlight on the voices. In a spare setting of acoustic guitar, bass and simple percussion, the two singers shine; alone and in harmony. The songs cover many years of Bob's writing. There are some old favorites in new arrangements and some great new songs. Tony Markellis ably supports Bob & Joy on bass and percussion. Recorded at Bob's own home studio, this will particularly please those who love music in its most intimate and human guise.

Track Listing (with MP3 clips)

  1. Lonely Tonight (3:32)
    Up tempo. Remembrances from childhood percolate up through a samba rhythm.
  2. Home (3:45)
    Medium slow tempo. Fingerpicking. Vocal exchanges and haunting harmony.
  3. You Taught Me Something New Today (5:59)
    Slow, fingerpicking. A meditative reflection on forgiveness.
  4. And Call It Home (3:02)
    Up tempo. What to do to make your house a home.
  5. Everything About You (4:05)
    A ballad with a jazzy leaning.
  6. He Don't Live Here Anymore (3:47)
    Bluesy medium tempo with an edge. A scornful message to an unfaithful partner.
  7. A Love Song (4:40)
    Ethereal landscape of a love song with chords reminiscent of Antonio Carlos Jobim.
  8. One Day (5:19)
    Joy sinks her teeth into this deep blues song.
  9. Worry (3:09)
    Up tempo. The title says it all.
  10. A Believer Again (4:26)
    Spacious guitar and bass with the voice seeping through.
  11. It Will Come To You (3:29)
    Up tempo. Life affirming mantra.
  12. Wake Up To A Brand New Day (4:29)
    A song of hope.