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The Poet in Me (2013)
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"The Poet in Me" is Bob and his band recorded "live" on March 2nd and 3rd of 2013 at Edie Road Studios in Greenwich, NY. It is Bob's first album that does not add additional musicians or instrumentation. It is a true reflection of the band and the songs during this time.

Two of the songs; "A Whole Lot Of Rain" and "There Is A Place" feature a smaller ensemble, and were recorded at Bob's Studio B in Greenwich, NY.

The band is bassist Tony Markellis, drummer Danny Whelchel, guitarist Don Warren, cellist Monica Roach, keyboardist Matt Donnelly , and singer Joy MacKenzie.

The songs tackle a variety of subjects, which vary as do the musical styles.

Track Listing (with MP3 clips)

  1. The Poet In Me (2:49)
  2. Maybe You're A Dreamer Too (3:57)
  3. My Age (5:22)
    A portrait of life beyond middle age.
  4. A Whole Lot Of Rain (3:34)
    Written following the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.
  5. Every Step (5:55)
    Recalls the social upheaval of the 1960s and postures that all change to the better exacts a high price, so much so that we "sometimes swear we're going backwards".
  6. All I Was (4:40)
  7. From The Sky (3:54)
  8. Oh No, Not Me, Oh No (4:52)
  9. Underworld (4:37)
  10. If I Catch You Can I Keep You? (4:12)
  11. There Is A Place (4:55)