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Only the Message Mattered (2009)
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Bob Warren - Only the Message Mattered

Songwriter/composer Bob Warren has written a song cycle/narrative about the great Susan B. Anthony. "Only the Message Mattered" focuses on the early influences that shaped her, and on the famous 1873 trial The United States of America vs. Susan B. Anthony, a result of her casting a ballot in the elections of 1872.

"Only the Message Mattered" has been presented on numerous occasions since its creation. Now, the songs and incidental music are gathered together on CD for the first time.

The album was recorded by Chris Roberson and features cellist Monica Roach, pianist Bob Warren, and singer/narrators Brittany Rivers, Rebecca Rogers and Barbara Skiff.

"Bob Warren delivers a poignant musical exploration into the life and spirit of Susan B. Anthony with "Only The Message Mattered." Mr. Warren takes listeners on a journey that is as significant spiritually as it is socially. With its breathtaking harmonies and hauntingly beautiful melodies, the music is seamlessly interwoven with historical dialogue that leaves audiences of all ages and genders informed and enlightened."
Katie Horn-Scarpulla, Program Director, TriCounty Arts Council, Cobleskill, NY

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