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My Town (2018)
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Bob's 2018 release, "My Town," is a collection of songs about his home town and his life there. He received a state grant to write songs about his community - a recorded history of the town - and three of the songs on the album come from that project: "Dunbarton," "Four Leaf Clover," and "My Town." Other songs are more personal, but still about his life and his town.

Bob plays guitar, piano, keyboard and harmonica, and sings, and is assisted by Tony Markellis on bass, Matt Donnelly on keyboards, Danny Whelchel on percussion, Don Warren on electric guitar and Joy MacKenzie on vocals, with Joe Gitto (chromatic harmonica), Oona Gradey (fiddle, vocal), James Gascoyne (banjo, guitar, vocal), Marie De Mott Grady (flute), Leah Grady Sayvetz (bodhran), The So What Singers: Lou Della Valle, Joanne Della Valle, Bonnie Warren, Bea Román (vocals), and The Grady Girls.

Track Listing (with MP3 clips)

  1. The Deal I Made (3:28)
    "The Deal I Made" allows me to fly above Route 29, over the hills and farmland, and along the Battenkill to my home. It is actually better than being in a small plane. No noise. (Lyrics)
  2. Things Are Looking Up (2:45)
    There is nothing like the smell of coffee and ocean in the early morning before the gulls and sun rise! (Lyrics)
  3. Again and Again (4:13)
    My son Kevin, mentioned in the first verse, spoke compellingly of previous lives when he was a very young child. That, along with much reading on the subject makes me entertain the possibility. Let's just say that it's as good a theory as any others I've heard. (Lyrics)
  4. My Town (4:47)
    "My Town" comes from the center of who I am and is the natural choice for the album's title. Matt Donnelly's piano arpeggios, late in the song, are so beautiful. (Lyrics)
  5. Four Leaf Clover (2:41)
    "Four Leaf Clover" was written especially for the young students of my friend Darcy May who teaches Irish dance at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY. (Lyrics)
  6. A Love Song (4:49)
    "A Love Song" was recorded by other singers but is very personal. It is about how my wife Bonnie and I met. I figured it might be time for me to record my own version. Working with harmonica master Joe Gitto was pure joy! (Lyrics)
  7. I Hate the Color You Painted My Old House (3:04)
    Here I channel the other Bob. Not really about my old house but one that lies outside of town. You will know it when you see it. For me, my brother Don's guitar puts it over the top. (Lyrics)
  8. Dunbarton (8:18)
    "Dunbarton" is the story of the linen mill that was active in my village from 1887 until 1952. The mill imported hundreds of workers from The Dunbarton Linen Mill in Gilford, Ireland who built up the southwest side of the village. On August 10th Lou Della Valle and I travelled to Ithaca NY to record the dance portion of "Dunbarton." It was a joy to work with the Grady Girls Oona, Marie, and Leah, and James Gascoyne. The energy and knowledge they brought to the music I composed gave it the authenticity I was looking for. (Lyrics)
  9. Not Everybody's Cup of Tea (3:36)
    Not Everybody's Cup of Tea is my first shout along song. (Lyrics)
  10. Everything About You (4:07)
    Like "A Love Song," "Everything About You" was recorded by other singers and is very personal. This one was written for my son Kevin as he was graduating high school and leaving for college. (Lyrics)
  11. Get Off My Lawn (4:06)
    Don't get me going. (Lyrics)
  12. The Fire (4:45)
    The Fire was written in the early 1970s. Don't know why I never recorded it before now. (Lyrics)
  13. Thank You (2:52)