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Love Walked In (1999)
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Bob Warren - Love Walked In

A fan of many musical styles and raised on Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Mitch Miller, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday, Van Halen, George Gerdes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Laura Nyro, George Clinton, Peter Paul & Mary, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Etta James, Pete Seeger, Curtis Mayfield and more, Bob is first and foremost a songwriter and as a result his songwritng transcends category. "There's so much to love about every kind of music if you allow yourself to connect with it."

"Love Walked In," released in 1999, features twelve songs performed by Bob and his band. Sitting in for the sessions are a number of guests including John Sebastian, Richard Bell, Tony Markellis, Christine Adler, Michael Jerling, Cliff Lyons and many others. The album was produced by Tony Markellis and engineered by Scott Petito.

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Track Listing (with MP3 clips)

  1. Leaving Is The Only Way To Go (3:11)
  2. Love Walked In (4:20)
  3. Me And My Guitar (5:24)
  4. Selfish (2:45)
  5. Take A Good Hard Look (5:02)
  6. OK Ranch (5:49)
  7. Guardian Angel (4:08)
  8. The Interstate (5:26)
  9. If I Have Anything To Say (3:52)
  10. And Call It Home (3:19)
  11. She Makes Me Happy Too (4:22)
  12. I'm Happy Here (6:06)