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All the Days of the World (2015)
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Bob Warren's 2015 release, "All the Days of the World", spotlights his songwriting and singing in an intimate aural setting. Spare, but satisfying arrangements feature many of his long-time musical compadres, including Tony Markellis on bass, Joy MacKenzie singing harmony, Matt Donnelly on keyboards, Danny Whelchel plays percussion and brother Don Warren adds some of his signature electric guitar.

Track Listing (with MP3 clips)

  1. It's For You (3:24)
    Light and wistful, up tempo
  2. A Boy, a Glove, a Ball and Bat (3:57)
    A glimpse of bygone days. In harmony with Joy MacKenzie.
  3. Contact Low (3:28)
    Upbeat. About the one person you hope to never run into.
  4. All the Days of the World (4:14)
    When all of the world's distractions fall away, revealing only what matters.
  5. When I Am King of the World (4:36)
    Up tempo. A view from the would-be throne.
  6. For No One To See (4:54)
    You can't take it with you.
  7. More Like You (3:18)
    High energy vocals with a touch of funk.
  8. There's No Turning Back (4:41)
    A soulful plea.
  9. Writer's Block (3:06)
    Upbeat look at the ancient curse.
  10. The Caveman's Child (3:43)
    The story begins in a cave and travels through time to a church in Charleston, SC.