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My Town (2018)

Bob's 2018 release, "My Town," is a collection of songs about his home town and his life there. He received a state grant to write songs about his community - a recorded history of the town - and three of the songs on the album come from that project: "Dunbarton," "Four Leaf Clover," and "My Town." Other songs are more personal, but still about his life and his town.

Bob plays guitar, piano, keyboard and harmonica, and sings, and is assisted by Tony Markellis on bass, Matt Donnelly on keyboards, Danny Whelchel on percussion, Don Warren on electric guitar and Joy MacKenzie on vocals, with Joe Gitto (chromatic harmonica), Oona Gradey (fiddle, vocal), James Gascoyne (banjo, guitar, vocal), Marie De Mott Grady (flute), Leah Grady Sayvetz (bodhran), The So What Singers: Lou Della Valle, Joanne Della Valle, Bonnie Warren, Bea Román (vocals), and The Grady Girls.

All the Days of the World (2015)

Bob Warren's 2015 release, "All the Days of the World", spotlights his songwriting and singing in an intimate aural setting. Spare, but satisfying arrangements feature many of his long-time musical compadres, including Tony Markellis on bass, Joy MacKenzie singing harmony, Matt Donnelly on keyboards, Danny Whelchel plays percussion and brother Don Warren adds some of his signature electric guitar.

You Taught Me Something New Today (2014)

Bob Warren & Joy MacKenzie's CD, "You Taught Me Something New Today", puts the spotlight on the voices. In a spare setting of acoustic guitar, bass and simple percussion, the two singers shine; alone and in harmony. The songs cover many years of Bob's writing. There are some old favorites in new arrangements and some great new songs. Tony Markellis ably supports Bob & Joy on bass and percussion. Recorded at Bob's own home studio, this will particularly please those who love music in its most intimate and human guise.

The Poet in Me (2013)

"The Poet in Me" is Bob and his band recorded "live" on March 2nd and 3rd of 2013 at Edie Road Studios in Greenwich, NY. It is Bob's first album that does not add additional musicians or instrumentation. It is a true reflection of the band and the songs during this time.

Two of the songs; "A Whole Lot Of Rain" and "There Is A Place" feature a smaller ensemble, and were recorded at Bob's Studio B in Greenwich, NY.

The band is bassist Tony Markellis, drummer Danny Whelchel, guitarist Don Warren, cellist Monica Roach, keyboardist Matt Donnelly , and singer Joy MacKenzie.

The songs tackle a variety of subjects, which vary as do the musical styles.

Bob Warren (2010)

"Bob Warren", his 2010 album, is a collection of 12 new original songs featuring guitarist Paul Asbell, bassist Tony Markellis, and a host of great players. The musical style ranges from folk to heavy metal, the lyrical content from funny to poignant. The protest song, "Prove Me Wrong", is perhaps the highlight of this very strong album.

Bob Warren - Only the Message Mattered

Only the Message Mattered (2009)
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Songwriter/composer Bob Warren has written a song cycle/narrative about the great Susan B. Anthony. "Only the Message Mattered" focuses on the early influences that shaped her, and on the famous 1873 trial The United States of America vs. Susan B. Anthony, a result of her casting a ballot in the elections of 1872.

"Only the Message Mattered" has been presented on numerous occasions since its creation, (see review below). Now, the songs and incidental music are gathered together on CD for the first time.

The album was recorded by Chris Roberson and features cellist Monica Roach, pianist Bob Warren, and singer/narrators Brittany Rivers, Rebecca Rogers and Barbara Skiff.

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Bob Warren - Greenwich: The Musical

Greenwich: The Musical (2004)
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In May 0f 2004, more than eighty towns people sang and danced their hearts out for three sold out shows in Greenwich: The Musical ... the story of their small town in upstate New York. Humorous and touching, Greenwich:The Musical delighted audiences with its look at small town life.

With music and lyrics by Bob Warren, direction by Ted Shuster, choreography by Heidi Seegers, a script by a committee of Greenwichians, the talents of those on stage, those behind the scenes, and a kickin' pit band, this live recording captures the excitement and energy felt in the theatre.

The CD contains the twelve songs from the musical along with liner notes, credits, and lyrics.

For those who live in "Grenitch" England, "Grenitch" Connecticut, "Grenitch" Village, or any other municipality that mispronounces the double "E" and ignores the "W", this recording is a must. Full instructions for proper pronounciation are included.

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Clear Connection (2002)
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A songwriter and performer for more than thirty-years, Bob has been on the road bringing his emotionally charged and lyrically astute songs to appreciative audiences throughout North America in venues ranging from coffeehouses, e.g.The Stone Church (Newmarket, NH), The Twelve Corners Coffeehouse (Rochester, NY), The Cafe' Lena (Saratoga Springs, NY) to outdoor festivals and house concerts.

"Clear Connection" is a collection of thirteen of his most recent songs (to the date of release). Backing Bob up on the album are such notable musicians as Trey Anastasio (Phish), singer Hal Ketchum, bassist/producer Tony Markellis,singer/songwriters Michael Jerling & Rosanne Raneri, guitar legend Arlen Roth, Jazz great Mark Vinci and keyboardist Richard Bell (The Band).

"Clear Connection" features "The Silver Fox," a song Bob wrote about his dad, "Today," a tribute to songwriter Laura Nyro, and "Wake Up To A Brand New Day," a prayer for world awareness.

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Bob Warren - Love Walked In

Love Walked In (1999)
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A fan of many musical styles and raised on Tommy Dorsey,Glenn Miller, Mitch Miller, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday, Van Halen, George Gerdes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Laura Nyro, George Clinton,Peter Paul & Mary, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Etta James, Pete Seeger, Curtis Mayfield and more, Bob is first and foremost a songwriter and as a result his songwritng transcends category. "There's so much to love about every kind of music if you allow yourself to connect with it."

"Love Walked In," released in 1999, features twelve songs performed by Bob and his band. Sitting in for the sessions are a number of guests including John Sebastian, Richard Bell, Tony Markellis, Christine Adler, Michael Jerling, Cliff Lyons and many others. The album was produced by Tony Markellis and engineered by Scott Petito.

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Bob Warren & his Band Live @ The Caffe Lena

Bob Warren & his Band Live @ The Caffè Lena (1997)
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A live performance at Saratoga Springs' folk coffeehouse, Caffè Lena.

Bob Warren - Partners

Partners (1983 Vinyl)
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Features the songs "Oh Darlin" and "Someone Like You", among many others.