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About KBW Music

Bob Warren's KBW Music provides the following services:

  • Album Production

    Bob has produced albums by Gary Moon, Cara Satalino, Mallory O'Donnell and Minna Lee, and served as vocal arranger for Terry DelSignore's (2008) album Catalyst.

  • Music for Theatrical & Dance Productions

    Bob has received funding from the The New York State Council on the Arts to write music for dance/dramatic presentations, and has written songs for radio spots for The U.S. Department of Agriculture.

  • Songwriting Workshops

KBW Produced Recordings
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Joy by Mallory O'Donnell (2006)

A soulfull young singer with an R&B groove, a rock & roll edge, a classic style, and a folk sensitivity, Mallory O'Donnell (now Donnelly) brings it all together to create a sound that is a joy to hear. Mallory's debut album, produced by Bob Warren and Tony Markellis, features an impressive list of musical luminaries such as guitarist Chuck D'Aloia, cellist Monica Roach, drummer Danny Whelchel, and trumpeter and saxophonist Bill Holloman.

"Joy by Mallory O'Donnell is a gorgeous CD. Mallory's voice is stunning!"
Donna Frank, WEQX, Manchester, VT

"Joy is made up of deep, breezy moments that link torch songs and tragedies and pianos and flugel horns with subtle fingertips that go gliding across a jazzy fretboard of sound. Through it all is O'Donnell's voice, delivering sassy soul music for the folkie heart and an appropriate soundtrack for alternately soaking up the daytime sunshine or walking a moonlight mile."
Tom Dimopoulis, The Saratogian, Saratoga Springs, NY

"Celebrating the release of her very impressive debut disc, Joy, the 18 year old singer showcases a big talent that belies her young age. The dozen soulful, sophisticated songs were penned by singer-songwriter Bob Warren, and O'Donnell dazzles on everything from the soulful When In Love, to the jazzy Everything About You, to the rockin' The Next Step Is Easy."
Greg Haymes, The Times Union, Albany, NY

"Joy is a collection of brand-new retro-sounding soul songs that capture you as if they were the soundtrack of the best part of your life. Vocalist Mallory O'Donnell is a born singer with a beautiful smile who brings out all the sultriness, the bliss, and the groove in the lyrics. This is a winning combination that sold out three shows in one weekend at Caffè Lena and has created an unprecedented buzz throughout the area."
Sarah Craig, Caffè Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY

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Track Listing

  1. Unexpected Happenstance
  2. When In Love
  3. Song of You
  4. A Love Song
  5. The Next Step Is Easy
  6. Underworld
  7. Everything About You
  8. Maybe
  9. Someone Like You
  10. Treat You Right
  11. All Because of You
  12. Clear Connection


Orion by Gary Moon (2009)

A great collection of songs that Gary perfected on his tour of coffeehouses over the past few years. He came into the studio with a clear vision of how these songs should be presented and it shows. All songs composed by Gary Moon.

Produced by Bob Warren. Recorded and mixed at Michael Jerling's Fool's Hill Music Studio in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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Track Listing

  1. North Up The River
  2. Try To Walk Alone
  3. Common Ground
  4. Losertown
  5. Silent Loved Ones
  6. Lifeboat
  7. Every Square Inch of the Earth
  8. Orion
  9. How To Forgive
  10. Want So Much
  11. A Thousand Dreams Call It Home

Cara Satalino - cara.

Cara Satalino - cara. (2009)

Cara's debut album featuring sparse acoustic arrangements and Cara's passionate singing. With Tony Markellis on bass, Guy Yost on percussion, and Marty Satalino on mandolin and violin. All songs composed by Cara Satalino, except Cannonball by Cara Satalino and Joseph Alston.

Produced by Bob Warren. Recorded at Fool's Hill by Michael Jerling.

Track Listing

  1. Electrify Me
  2. December
  3. Live
  4. Coming Home
  5. Nymph Maiden And Crone
  6. Cannonball
  7. Alive
  8. Rocket
  9. Glowing Place
  10. Melody
  11. Silence Is A Virtue
  12. Not Me